Lumberjack Plumbing

// Branding & Strategy

As Team TRIAD, I worked with two student designers to develop original branding and communications strategy for local Gainesville start-up, Lumberjack Plumbing. With limited client information, we conducted thorough market research and developed a communications strategy. We focused on opportunities where Lumberjack Plumbing could provide a personal touch in interactions with customers so as to promote brand memorability, credibility and encourage word of mouth referrals.

I prepared a project creative brief and in-depth analysis of our target audience and relevant industry/market trends as part of a situation analysis. I also took on logo and asset design, web content creation and website development/management. As the final project in my master’s program, this project highlights my wide array of branding and digital marketing skills, from researching and developing strategy to successful website launch.

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Highlighted skills & tools: branding, Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, PHP, CSS, jQuery, content writing, editing, research, marketing strategy

  • Lumberjack Plumbing: Original logo design
  • Lumberjack Plumbing: Door hanger design to notify existing customers
  • Lumberjack Plumbing: Door hanger design to attract new customers
  • Lumberjack Plumbing: Coupons to encourage repeat business and referrals
  • Lumberjack Plumbing: Fridge magnet acts as passive reminder for new and existing clients
  • Lumberjack Plumbing: Neighborhood-facing yard sign for current customer lawns
  • Lumberjack Plumbing: Website homepage has modern design and clear branding
  • Lumberjack Plumbing: Repiping page highlights company expertise and provides useful information
  • Lumberjack Plumbing: Contact page provides multiple contact methods for potential clients