Catered by Patti Caces

// Rebranding Campaign

Catered by Patti Caces is a professional catering company in Central Florida, specializing in weddings and corporate events. The company wanted to rebrand and establish a digital marketing presence in order to expand their corporate business in the local film industry. My proposed strategy includes a modern design with bright colors, enticing imagery and cohesive branding. The campaign features a new company logo, website and e-newsletter design, banner ads and social media cover images.

Highlighted skills & tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, logo design, branding, digital marketing, social media

  • Catered by Patti Caces: Website Homepage Mock
  • Catered by Patti Caces: Proposed new logo
  • Catered by Patti Caces: Sample email newsletter design
  • Catered by Patti Caces: Sample banner ad designs
  • Catered by Patti Caces: Facebook (top) and Twitter (bottom) cover image designs